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Annual General Meeting Draft Agenda, October 2016

The Emeritus Association, University of Calgary (

Annual General Meeting, 2016

October 12, 2016, at 14:00

Senate Room, Alma Hotel, University of Calgary


  1. President's Call to Order
  2. Welcome to New Emeriti
  3. Declaration of a Quorum
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of Minutes of AGM held on October 14, 2015
  6. Reports

                     (6.1)   President (Om Malik)

                     (6.2) Treasurer/Membership (A. Rauk)

                     (6.3) Program Chair (C.L. Le Navenec/R. Murch)

                     (6.4) Life After Retirement LAR (A. Pernal)

                     (6.5) E-Letter (K. Chowdhury)

                     (6.6) Webmaster (O. Malik)                   

                     (6.7)  Keeping-in-Touch/Social (J. Langdon)

                     (6.8) Fiftieth Anniversary celebration (B. Dewar)

                     (6.9) Past President and Senate Representative (E. Enns)

7.    Nomination and Election of 2016-2017 Executive Committee (Total = 11)

                      (a) President: John Kendall

                      (b) Vice-President and President-Elect: Jim Frideris

                      (c)  Past President and Senate Representative: Om Malik   

                      (d) Secretary: Gary Krivy

                      (e) Treasurer/Membership: Arvi Rauk

                      (f)  Program Chair: Carole-Lynne Le Navenec

                      (g)  LAR Editor: Andrew Pernal

                      (h)  Webmaster: Om Malik

                      (i)  Keeping-in-Touch and Social: Jean Langdon

                      (j)  E-Letter: Vacant

                      (k)  Member-at-Large: Ron Murch

8.0     Other Business

9.0   Adjournment


               Dr. Sheila Evans, Ex-Dean & CEO, University of Calgary Qatar Faculty on The University of Calgary Qatar: 

              Dreams, Realities, Challenges and Victories.