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Emeritus Association Bylaws & Constitution

By-Laws of the Emeritus Association, the University of Calgary 

OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS: Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership of the association 
  • Formulate agendas for Executive Committee and general meetings 
  • Communicate with Officers and Directors on relevant matters 
  • Represent the Association to the University and general community, the media and other emeritus organizations 


  • Is the President-elect 
  • Act on behalf of the President when requested to do so 
  • Take on specific responsibilities as assigned 


  • Minute meetings 
  • Carry out correspondence and maintain records of same 
  • Prepare and distribute agendas and minutes of meetings 
  • Prepare ballots and maintain records of elections 


  • Maintain the accounts and pay the bills 
  • Collect dues 
  • Prepare and present financial statements 
  • Advise on potential sources of income 

Past President: 

  • Provide advice and continuity respecting the association 
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President 
  • Represent the Association on the Senate 
  • Chair the Nominating Committee 

Membership Director: 

  • Maintain a data base of all emeriti 
  • Maintain the membership list for the association 
  • Devise and implement strategies to increase membership 
  • Propose procedures for life time memberships 

Program Director: 

  • Prepare programs for the annual schedule of meetings 
  • Arrange for introduction and thanks to the participants 
  • Arrange facilities and refreshments for programs 

LAR Director: 

  • Responsible for the creation, content, and publication of our journal, LAR, “Life After Retirement” 

Webmaster Director: 

  • Responsible for the content and maintenance of our Web page 


  • Duties as assigned by the Executive Committee, including E-Letter and Keeping in Touch (KIT) responsibilities




The official name of the organization shall be The “Emeritus Association” of the University of Calgary, hereinafter called the Association. The official name of the University is The University of Calgary, hereinafter called the University. 


The Association will bring together emeritus staff of the University and will foster ways for its members to continue to contribute to the life of the University and society at large. Without restricting the general intent of the organization, the Association shall:

  1. Hold meetings on topics of interest to the members at which programs will be presented and the opportunity for dialogue provided.
  2. Contribute intellectual materials to the department of Special Collections and Archives at the University.
  3. Make the wealth of experience and ability represented by the membership available to the University. 


All individuals who have been granted emeritus status by the University of Calgary may become members of the Association. 

Membership may also be granted by the Executive Committee to non-emeriti. Each case is considered individually, but conditions for such memberships are generally: 

  1. A long and close professional relationship with the University.
  2. Retired professors emeriti from other academic institutions.
  3. Spouses/partners of deceased emeriti.


Members who have paid fees for seven years may apply for Lifetime Membership. A set fee, based on the age of the applicant, will cover membership for the rest of the member’s life. Spouses of deceased lifetime members can continue as ordinary members until the monies left in the lifetime membership of his or her spouse have been depleted as per a pre-determined schedule. At that time, the spouse would then be eligible to apply for his/her own lifetime membership or annual membership. 


This honour may be granted by the Executive committee to a person who, or whose deceased spouse, has given outstanding service to the University. 


The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 


The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers (4), the Past President, and up to six elected directors (Maximum = 11). The Executive will be responsible for membership, program, and other matters that shall from time to time be deemed desirable in meeting the objectives of the Association. The Executive Committee, with Past President as Chair, will act as a nominating committee and present a slate of candidates for Officers and Executive members for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee has the right to appoint an individual to fill any vacancy occurring during the year. All candidates and appointees must be members in good standing. 


The fiscal year is from September 1 to the following August 31. 


An annual general meeting shall be held in the month of October at which the status of the Association shall be reviewed and the Officers and Directors of the Executive Committee elected. In addition to the slate presented by the Executive Committee, nominations will be received from the floor for all positions when evidence is provided that the individual is prepared to stand. All members in good standing will have the right to vote. Voting will be in person, not by proxy. Elections will be by secret ballot. A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be fifteen members. 


The constitution may be amended by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or at other meetings when due notice has been given. Notice of proposed amendments with detailed text and statement of intent must be circulated to the membership with the meeting agenda at least two weeks before the meeting at which the amendments are to be considered. 

Approved: October 13, 2004; Changes Approved: October 12, 2005
No Changes: October, 2006 – 2010
Changes Approved: October 12, 2011