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Lifetime Membership

For the convenience of members of long standing, the possibility has been created for a Lifetime Membership in the Emeritus Association, which involves the payment of a single fee which covers membership for
the rest of the member's life. To be eligible, a member must have paid annual dues for a minimum of 5 years. The Lifetime Membership fee depends on the member's age at application, as follows:

65 - 69 years $ 240

70 - 75 years $ 200

76 - 79 years $ 170

80 years and above $ 140

In the case of a couple where each person has emeritus status, each member has to apply individually for Lifetime Membership. A spouse of a deceased member of the Association is eligible for Lifetime Membership
under the same terms and conditions as above.
Application forms for Lifetime Membership may be obtained from the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer or the following menu item. All Lifetime Membership fees paid will be accounted for separately by the Treasurer, who will only transfer to the Association's operating account at the beginning of each fiscal year an appropriate amount for that fiscal year, as recommended by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee.

In the unlikely event that the Emeritus Association should become insolvent or cease to operate for any other reason, any funds remaining in the Lifetime Membership Account would be donated to the University of Calgary, to be used for scholarships.