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Past Presentations and Excursions

Date Speaker Title
May 10, 2017 Tour Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Engineering Complex
April 12, 2017 Dr. Richard Heyman, Dr. Malcom Edwards, Mrs, Katheryne Perri Edwards Singing for the Love of it
March 8, 2017 Ms. Sydney Sharpe Notley Nation: How Alberta's Political Upheaval Swept the Country 
Feb. 8, 2017 Dr. Alan MacFayden History of the Alberta Oil Patch
Jan. 11, 2017 Dr. Lindsay McLaren  Trends in Tooth Decay Before and After Cessation of Community Water Fluoridation in Calgary
Nov. 9, 2016 Dr. Robert (Bob) Dewar Pedestrian Safety
Oct. 12, 2016 AGM and Dr. Sheila Evans University of Calgary Qatar: Dreams, Realities, Challenges and Victories 
Sept. 14, 2016 Dr. Bob Church The Long Trail to Personalised Medicine
May 11, 2016 Tour Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
April 13, 2016 Dr. Mary Valentich The Ideas Man: Jim Gripton's Social Work Legacy
March 09, 2016 Dr. Tony Russell Hanging out: how and where geckos got sticky
February 10, 2016 Dr. Norman Vaughan Inquiry based learning and digital technologies: what is the connection?
January 13, 2016  Dr. Tish Doyle-Baker How many steps could a senior stride if a senior could count steps?
November 18, 2015 Dr. Stephen Herrero Recent research into the causes of bear attacks in North America 
Oct. 14, 2015 Ms. Kim Lawrence & Ms. Shannon Franzky AGM + The University of Calgary 50th. Anniversary Celebrations - Update video
Sept. 09, 2015 Dr. Majda Djordevic Nikola Tesla, the man who invented and is responsible for the 20th. (and the 21st.) century
May 13, 2015 Tour Telus Spark Centre
April 08, 2015 Ms. Sydney Sharpe That is to say...knowing where to start and when to stop

March 11, 2015

Dr. Jessie Kubes and Dr. Tony Wigglesworth

Innovative Calgary's services for commercializing your research: implications and opportunities for Emeriti

Feb. 11, 2015

Dr. Tom Flanagan

What's it like for a professor to leave the ivory tower and work in a political party?

14 Jan., 2015

Dr. Thomas P. Keenan

Technocreep: The Surrender of Privacy and the Capitalization of Intimacy

12 Nov., 2014

Ms. Shannon Franzky and Mr. Harry Sanders

The U of C's 50th. Anniversary Celebrations and Opportunities for Emeriti 

08 Oct., 2014

Dr. Breanne Everett and Ms. Amanda Hehr

Orpyx Surrosense - a Calgary medical innovation to manage reduced nerve sensation

10 Sept., 2014

Dr. Brian Sinclair

telos techne holos: Design Framework for Turbulent times

14 May, 2014


Guided tour of The Military Museums of Calgary

9 April, 2014

Dr. Ed Ghent, Old Antarctic Explorer

 Scott, the South Pole, 40 pounds of rocks (1910-1912) and field work in Antarctica fifty years later

12 March, 2014

Dr. Douglas Francis

Canadian Perceptions of Technology: 1850-2000

 12 February, 2014

 Dr. Jeroen Stil

 University of Calgary and The Square Kilometer Array

 15 January, 2014

 Dr. David J. Smith

 Behind the Scenes of Olympic Athlete Preparation 

 13 November, 2013

 Dr. Mansa Singh

 Foundations of Human Knowledge: Physics, Mathematics and Spirituality

 9 October, 2013

 Dr. Ralph Miller

 Islands and Animals in the Great Southern Ocean

 11 September, 2013

 Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

Ms. Lauren Capozzi

 Thriving for Cancer Survivors: A Program of Wellness-Based Initiatives

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8 May, 2013


The Taylor Family Digital Library and Nickle Galleries 

 10 April, 2013

 Dr. Ashis Gupta

 Biography of a Publishing House

13 March, 2013 

 Dr. Chip Scialfa

Vision and Aging - Part 2 

 13 February, 2013

Dr. Lynn Taylor, Vice-Provost, U of C 

 U of C Institute for Teaching and Learning

 9 January, 2013

Dr. Ed McCauley, VP (Research), U of C 

The U 0f C's Research Directions Under the
"Eyes High" Initiative 

 14 November, 2012

 Mr. John Knowles

Practical Financial Management for Retirees  

 10 October, 2012

 Profs. Phil McCoy and Joyce Doolittle

 Act Your Age- A performnace reading

19 September, 2012 

Dr. George Lane 

The Lane Family 

9 May, 2012


 Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

11 April, 2012

Ms. Wendy Bryden

The First Stampede of Flores LaDue

14 March, 2012 Dr. Chip Scialfa Vision and Aging
8 February, 2012  Dr. Dru Marshall  The Academic Plan 
11 January, 2012  Dr. Reed Ferber  Staying Active and Healthy through Clinical Biomechanics Research 
9 November, 2011  Dr. Arthur Clark  The Calgary Centre for Global Community 
12 October, 2011 Dr. Tamara Palmer Seiler and Dr. Robert M. Seiler Movie Exhibition in Calgary, 1896-1974
14 September, 2011 Dr. Ramesh Joshi From the Eyes of a Visitor to Japan and China
13 April, 2011 Dr. Jane Kelley Canadian Contributions to the Archaeology of Northwest Mexico
9 March, 2011  Chancellor Jim Dinning  The University and the Community 
9 February, 2011  Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson  Iceland :  Then and Now 
12 January, 2011  Donna Livingstone  The University of Calgary Press and the transition from print to electronic media 
10 November, 2010  Dr. Jeanne Besner  Improving Alberta's Health Care System 
13 October, 2010  Nancy Townshend Artistic Responses to the Canadian Rockies over the Past 200 Years
8 September, 2010  Dr. Ernst Enns Cycling from Cairo to Capetown
14 April, 2010  John Poyser, Lawyer Tales from the Estate Planning Crypt
10 March, 2010  Dr. Augustine Brannigan Genocide in Rwanda
10 February, 2010  Dr. Ralph Miller  Travel in Worlds Apart:  Kano and Bhutan
13 January, 2010  Naheed Nenshi  The Calgary that has been . . . and Could Be
18 November, 2009 Matt Palmer

An Account of the Filming of a Visit of a Group of Calgary School Children to an Orphanage in Kenya

14 October, 2009  Dr. Alan Harrison What is Happening at the University of Calgary? 
8 September, 2009  Andrew Nikiforuk The Tar Sands and the Future of Alberta 
8 April, 2009  Dr. T. Hickerson The Taylor Family Digital Library:  Convergence and Future of Learning 
11 March, 2009 Alan MacDonald Calgary Takes Flight . . . an Illustrated Tale of the First Century of Flight in the Calgary Area
11 February, 2009 Dr. Tom Barton Europe from Sea to Sea . . . A River Cruise Up the Danube and Down the Rhine 
14 January, 2009
Dr. Tom Keenan
How 'Silent Information' Can Wreck Our Lives . . . We as Computer Users Get What We Deserve 
12 November, 2008
Dr. Ralph Cartar
Are Bees Declining and, If So, Why?
8 October, 2008 Dr. Roger Jackson
The Recent Olympic Games in Beijing and the Future Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver
10 September, 2008
Dr. Robert Stamp
Suburban Modern: Postwar Dreams in Calgary
30 April, 2008
Chellan Hoffman
Rozsa Centre Tour featuring "A Little Baroque Organ on the Prairies"
9 April, 2008
Dr. Sylvie Roy and Dr. Susanne Carroll
Learning a Second Language at Any Age
12 March, 2008
Mike Backus
Fort McMurray Oil Sands: Nexen's Long Lake Project
13 February, 2008 Madam Justice C. Adele Kent
Medical Ethical Issues in the Court Room: Are We Getting it Right?
9 January, 2008 Brian Lehman What's it Worth, Brian?
14 November, 2007 Dr. Jim Hawkes and Robert Hawkes

The Fight for Fairness in the Federal Riding of Calgary West

10 October, 2007
Chancellor Joanne Cuthbertson
Building Pride and Ownership in the University of Calgary
12 September, 2007 Dr. Elizabeth Cannon The Schulich School of Engineering: Enginuity in Engineering
11 April , 2007 Dr. Tim Goddard The Development Role of Education in Post-conflict Countries
14 March, 2007 Dr. Robert MacDonald Climate Change in the Arctic
14 February, 2007 Dr. David Irvine-Halliday Light Up the World and Make Poverty History
10 January, 2007 Dr. Jerre Paquette THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME - What Makes Citizen Kane so Great?
8 November, 2006 Dr. Anthony Parel Clothing Matters: Dress and Identity in Ghandi's Philosophy

11 October, 2006

Dr. Donald Smith Calgary's Grand Story: the History of 20th Century Calgary from the Viewpoint of Two Heritage Buildings, the Lougheed Building and the Grand Theatre.

13 September, 2006

Dr. Jerre Paquette The Struggle to Tell a Story: The Early History of Cinema

12 April, 2006

Dr. Al Prentice A photographic presentation: "Views of Myanmar Along the Irrawady River.

8 March 2006

Dr. Holger Herwig Exploring the Bismarck with Canadian Film Director James Cameron

8 February 2006

Dr. Michael Williams My Retirement Project: Creating Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum

11 January 2006

Dr. Steve Herrero Research regarding grizzly bears in and around Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country

16 November 2005

D. Leahy Rothney Astrophysical Observatory in Priddis

12 October 2005

Dr. Robert A. Stebbins Leisure and Health in Retirement: Finding the Good Life

14 September 2005

Dr. David Bercuson The Institute for Military and strategic Studies.

13 April 2005

Constance Martin Far Northern Visions: The Photographic Archives of the Arctic Institute of North America.

9 March 2005

Peter Burgener The Changing Face of Calgary Downtown.

9 February 2005

Dr. Patrick Brennan The Peace of 1919 and the Making of Our Times.

12 January 2005

Dr. Dave Irvine-Halliday Two Billion People Without Electric Light -- A Canadian Solution.

9 November 2004

Charles Foreman 32 Sonatas: A Map of Beethoven.

13 October 2004

Dr. Harry Hiller A Modern Day Gold Rush? Assessing the Surge of Population Growth in Alberta.

8 September 2004

Dr. Bruce and Marilyn Harrison Off the Tourist Track in Southern Thailand

12 May 2004

Mr. Tan Cantos Music Foundation's Museum of Antique Keyboard Instruments

14 April 2004

Dr. Robert Dewar The Psychology of Driving and Traffic Safety
10 March 2004

Dr. Richard Davis

R. M. Patterson: Re-Creation on the Nahanni
11 February 2004

Dr. Janet Ronsky

Lessons Learned from our Aching Joints
14 January 2004

Joyce Doolittle and Philip McCoy

The Rain in Spain: Teacher and Students on the Stage
12 November 2003

Dr. Tom Barton

A Digital Camera? What you need to know before buying a digital camera
8 October 2003

Dr. Robert L. Mansell

Key Challenges and Opportunities for Alberta in Energy and Environment
10 September 2003

Don Sucha

The Cemetery as a Museum - Arts, History, and Mystery in Calgary Cemeteries
9 April 2003

Peter Sherrington


Raptor Migration
in the Rocky Mountains
of Alberta and British Columbia
12 March 2003

Dr. Richard Chadbourne


Gabrielle Roy: A Rare Breadth and Depth of Vision
12 February 2003

Dr. Ron Bond

The Academic Plan: Raising our Sights
15 January 2003

Dr. Marlene Reimer

Sleep and Sleeping: A Personal and Societal Challenge
13 November 2002

Dr. Tom Barton


Behind the Switch on Your Wall: The Generation and Distribution of Electric power
9 October 2002

Dr. Anthony Rasporich

No Small Plans:
The Pre-History of the University of Calgary, 1912 - 1960
11 September 2002

Chancellor Bill Warren

The Function of the University Senate
May 8 2002

Mike Robinson

The Future of the Glenbow Museum
10 April 2002

Dr. Geoffrey Melvill Jones

Retention of Learning Abilities with Age; Mental Exercise, the Key to Mental Wellbeing
13 March 2002

Dr. Chris Archer

My Terrorist, Your Freedom Fighter:  Common Themes and Threads in the History of Insurgency, Banditry, Terrorism, and Counterinsurgency
13 February 2002 Dr. Mohammed Yunus A  Third Way: What is Written on the Wall of History
8 January 2002 Dr. John Dawson Seniors' Health
14 November 2001 Lorry Wilson The New World of Electricity Deregulation
10 October 2001 Dr. Harvey Weingarten President U. of C.
12 September 2001 Elaine McCoy The Potential for Micro-Power in Alberta
11 April 2001 Lynn Rach Canada's Best Kept Secret - Voiceprint
14 March 2001 Dr. Geoffrey Melvill Jones Orientation on Land, Sea and Aerospace
14 February 2001 Dr. Bill Glanzmann The Queen of Sheba Archeological Site
10 January 2001 Dr. Barbara Belya Arthur Henday and the Shining Mountains
8 November 2000 Kathy Zimon Our Visual Heritage: The Alberta Society of Artists, 1931-2000
11 October 2000 Chancellor Jack Perraton The Senate at the University of Calgary
13 September 2000 Dr. Tom Flanagan The Future Prospects of the Canadian Alliance
12 April 2000 Dr. Maurice Moloney Genetically Modified Foods
8 March 2000 Nancy Millar Canadian History Revisited
9 February 2000 Rolf Bertsch Idealism, Realism, and the Modern Maestro
12 January 2000 Alf Skrastins

The Lakes of Kananaskis Country

10 November 1999 Peter Wallis Convergence in Education - What would Cornelius Van Horne Think Today
October 13  W. Duffie VanBalkon Internationalization at the U. of C.: Structures, Processes, and Challenges 
September 29  Tour  Town Hall and Police Museum Visit 
September 15 Lorin Ritchie   Library Development in the 21st Century.
May 19 1999  Field Trip Field trip to Pasu Farm
April 14   Tom Head  Recent Archeology of the Calgary Area 
March 10  Elizabeth Cannon  Women in Science and Engineering
February 10   Frank MacKinnon Some Unknown Problems of Canada’s Government 
January 13  Leslie Tamagi  The Vocational Rehabilitation and Research Institute: Its Mission 
November 18  Herb Allard  The Young Offenders Act 
September 16  Matt Mohtadi and Fin Campbell Evaluating the Criteria used by Mclean’s Magazine to Rate Canadian Universities. 
May 13  Field Trip  Field trip to Rosebud Theatre 
April 8  Bill Cochrane Medical Care in the 21st Century 
March 12 ?    
February 12   Terry Fullerton The Modern Pipe Organ 
January 14  Walter Dilger  The Building of the Confederation Bridge 
November 12  Tim Travers  Gallipoli 
October 8  Ron Bond  Role of Humanities in a Modern University 
May 21 Field Trip  Field trip to Bar U Ranch
May 14 Field trip   Field trip to Bar U Ranch  (Cancelled because of bad weather) 
 April 9   Ann McCaig  Chancellor’s Chores 
March 12   Terry White  Challenging Times for Universities 
February 12    Kathleen Mahoney  Backlash to Human Rights 
 January 15   Bob Carnie  The Burns Phenomenon 
January 15  Reception Reception for President Terry White 
 November 13  John Kendall  A Guide to Computers, the Internet, and Artificial Intelligence 
October 9   John Humphrey  Archeology of the Eastern Mediterranean 
May 8   Theatre  Rosebud Dinner Theatre
April 10  Field trip  Visit to Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (Rescheduled from November, 1995) 
March 13  Peter Cruse  Archibald Menzies: Capt. Vancouver’s Surgeon 
 February 14  Mario Giovinetto Chinook a Film and Account of Related Weather Systems. 
 January 10  Fin Campbell  Earth Rhythms and Global Changes 
November 8  Field trip  An Evening Among the Stars (Cancelled because of bad weather) 
October 11  Alan Clarke A Journey to the Stars 
May 10  Catherine Warren  Oral Histories: Collecting Experiences of Life. (At the home of President Murray Fraser)
April 12  Bob Dewar  Pictographs - The International Language of the Future. 
March 8 Robert Bramwell  The Greying of Canada.
February 8   David Bercuson, Dean of Graduate Studies 
January 11   Tom Keenan  About Demystifying the Internet 
November 16  Frank McKinnon  The Controversial Side of Canadian Politics 
October 12  Tom Barton  Publishing Your Own Book: Some Do’s and Don’ts. 
April 13 ?    
March 9 ?    
February 16  D. Venkatesan  Space Exploration
November 10   Tait McPhedran  Two Hundred Years of Medical Education 
October 13   Helen Diemert and Helen Stadelbauer  Art and Works of Helen Stadelbauer.  A Brief Overview of my Art Production since the 1930s. 
May 12   Richard Guy  How on Earth Could an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Interest Emeritus Professors from Other Disciplines? 
April 14   Eric Waldman  Has the World Gone Nuts?  The Answer is in the Affirmative
March 10   Joan Ryan  Participating in Research - A Start toward Self-Determination for the Dene 
November 25   Michael Burgess  Medical Bioethics 
October 14  Paul Anderson  Emeritus Standing and Field Research in Shark Bay, Western Australia